About project

About project

The West Pomeranian Digital Library „POMERANIA” and Central Catalogue of the Scattered Collections of the Libraries in Szczecin and the Region (RoK@Bi) constitute fundamental modules of the West Pomeranian Regional and Scientific Information System. They have been developed within the framework of the Digital Library project realized in the Pomeranian Library. The Project is financed entirely by the West Pomeranian Province self-government.

The Project is realized in co-operation with members of the West Pomeranian Library Agreement, which associates:

•    The City Public Library in Szczecin,
•    The Public Library in Koszalin,
•    The City Public Library in Kołobrzeg

and the libraries of:

•    Maritime University
•    Pomeranian Medical University,
•    University of Szczecin,
•    West Pomeranian University of Technology – natural collections
•    West Pomeranian University of Technology – technical collections,
•    West Pomeranian Centre for Teachers’ Development,
•    Koszalin Institute of Technology,
•    Seminary in Koszalin
•    Main Library of Szczecin University


The tasks of ZSIReN@:

•    to protect the national and regional cultural heritage,
•    to archive the most precious collections,
•    to provide a wider range of electronic service for the general public, research workers, and students, and thus provide free access to information, scientific collections as well as the regional and national cultural heritage,
•    to support e-learning process,
•    to support the city and region’s growth by the development of regional and local infrastructure of the information society.

Within the scope of work aiming to establish West Pomeranian Digital Library „Pomerania” several hundred thousand pages of documents constituting regional and national cultural heritage are transferred into electronic form along with scholarly achievements of the workers of West Pomeranian universities. These collections are being prepared and made available online in Internet. The collections of „Pomerania” include among others:

•    national cultural heritage collections – a selection of the oldest written texts (old prints, manuscripts), iconographic documents (postcards, photographs, figures), music and cartographic documents in the possession of Szczecin and Koszalin Public Libraries, as well as other libraries in the Region;
•    Pomeranica – regional oldest written texts, cartographic, music and iconographic documents, books and regional magazines, as well as contemporary so-called social life documents - leaflets, exhibition catalogues, playbills and posters;
•    full texts of official documents, local law regulations – programs, strategies and resolutions made by the city councils, counties, the regional council, etc.
•    local press and information bulletins of communes, towns, counties, and agencies.

One of the most important collections is “The science and didactics” („Nauka i dydaktyka”). It consists of scientific journals, textbooks, manuals, conference materials, and doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations constituting the library and university repository.

The West Pomeranian Digital Library „Pomerania” will be incorporated in the Digital Library Association (Federacji Bibliotek Cyfrowych), which makes available collections of the greatest Polish digital libraries and the European Digital Library EuropeanaLocal, created as a part of the project co-financed by the European Commission within the framework of eContentPlus program (projektu współfinansowanego przez Komisję Europejską w ramach programu eContentPlus).

The second task realized within the project is the Central Catalogue of the Scattered Collections of the Libraries in Szczecin and the Region (RoK@Bi). It is aim is to integrate the scattered information collections, online catalogues, research databases, electronic journals, and regional bibliographies created in different library computer systems of the Pomeranian Library, and university and public libraries in our Province. Also electronic information collections of other Polish and foreign libraries will be consolidated by means of this platform. They will be available via a uniform digital platform, which will enable simultaneous searching and browsing through all electronic collections in the possession of libraries in Szczecin and in the Region.

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